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Because our pets are so important to us I have written a book that will give pet owners the tools to make informed decisions. For example it talks about the signs of bloat & how to avoid it, how to help prevent cancer, what to do if your dog has seizures, poisons - when to induce or not induce vomiting & contact numbers, healthy foods, questions about raw, how coconut oil can benefit your dog, common diseases as well as dog sports. It's concise to enable you to get quick answers without being overwhelming yet also gives you links in case you want further information. When in an emergency situation you need answers "now" thus the purpose of this book; to educate and help prolong the life of your dog as well as being a resource guide that could help save your dogs life. If this book saves the life of even one dog or makes a dog healthier so it can live longer for its family then my goal has been fulfilled.


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