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The Book, Three Nails the Number of the Bible, tells the complete story of Jesus Christ, the Trinitarian God, the number of the beast, Satan’s down fall, Christ resurrection and ultimately our salvation. By way of explanation, a single nail, is the sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet, vav. The meaning of the symbol is peg or nail. Pegs were used to hold the Old Testament temple tent in place. The Hebrew symbol is ˥ vav), which carries the double meaning of the number 6, speaking to the meaning of the number 666, the number of the beast in Revelation. The back cover depicts “the day of the Lord” and the dead Apocalyptic world of the end times. Ironically the number 111 (three ones) looks a lot like Hebrew ˥˥˥ (vav vav vav), which in binary is the representation of the number seven. The three ones may be interpreted as the trinity of individuals, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Satan used three nails to crucify Christ and thought his death would bring him victory only to have his temporary triumph turned into defeat by the resurrection of Jesus: thus sealing Satan’s fate and our salvation. Since mathematics is the discovery of what was true before all ages. The observations made in these pages were true in the time of Genesis, in the lifetime of Christ on earth, in first century when the New Testament was written and now.


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Dennis Jones
dbjones Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
Mr. Jones is Associate Professor Emeritus of the School of Architecture + Design at Virginia Tech. He is a Bible scholar who has been engaged in the formal study of the Bible for over twenty five years. He is an patented inventor an award winning computer graphics programmer and a speaker of international reputation. In 1996 he was distinguished professor at the University of Arkansas, having also taught at Mississippi State and Yale University. In addition Mr. Jones is a member of World Wide Whose Who.

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