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The unique factor connecting all the images in this book is that they were all made withe a Leica 111f film camera, manufactured in 1951. In December 2012, I wass lucky enough to acquire a 62 year old Leica 111f camera. Since my late teen years I had been lusting after that camera but could never afford it. Now, in semi retirement, fortune has come my way because a doctor in Germany who has had the camera since new, surrendered it to me, along with the f2.0/5cm Summitar lens. They are both in mint condition.

I have been using the camera for twelve months now and photographed many varied subjects and occasions. Recently it returned to Germany with me to the Leica factory in Wetzlar, where it was built. I used it in a photography competition held in Wetzlar, after which I travelled to a number of European cities where I also used it. A number of photos from that trip appear in this book. All images are from this camera, except for the pictures of it which were made with a Leica M9-P digital camera.

The only connection between the images I have chosen, is the camera itself. Otherwise they are a potpouri of images that just happened through the year. What I have done is try to link some common visual factor between images on a double page spread, just to make them work together. In a few instances, some are part of a series.

Some images have captions for reasons of identification, others don’t because I consider the image itself is enough.

Films used were Ilford Delta 100 and 400, Kodak Portra 400 and Tri X, and some 20 year out of date Fuji Press 100.

In addition to the 5cm Summitar, a few images were also made using a Canon 85mm/1.9 Serenar lens, a Canon 35mm/2.8 Serenar lens and a Minolta CV 15mm/4.5 lens.


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John Amiet

Publish Date  January 09, 2014

Dimensions  Large Format Landscape  90 pgs ProLine Uncoated Paper

Category  Arts & Photography

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