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Rendered in rhyme and colorful imagery, “My Colors Inside” shows a little girl, who unafraid to express herself, vividly changes colors in sync with her feelings. With huge expressive eyes, she impishly looks up from the pages and lets her true colors shine for all to see. Her eyes are none other than the author’s own, pasted on to create the illustrations. And so, in this her second book in a series of poem picture books, you’ll find Alex Mitchell herself looking up from the pages, as if to nudge us to see if we too want to be “wild” again. For in “My Colors Inside” she encourages fearlessly expressing ourselves in order to recover lost feelings of who we are deep down inside. “No one can be better at being you than you,” she asserts in the book’s closing commentary, where she reveals her personal thoughts about growing up, feeling wild, and being real. This book’s creative spirit, style, and timeless message are alluring to all ages. A complete translation into Spanish is included.

- text and illustrations by Alex Mitchell
- full color reproductions of hand-painted originals
- closing commentary by author
- complete Spanish translation
- 40 pages
- softcover

Read the news release “The Wild Truth About Being YOU: Alex Mitchell Encourages Self-Expression One Color At A Time In Her New Book ‘My Colors Inside’” here:

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About the Author

Alex Mitchell
Buuangel Madrid, Spain
Although Alex Mitchell started out as an interior designer, it didn’t take long before her creative aspirations launched her into a lifelong adventure of making art. After dedicating herself to creating sculptures and paintings over the last 15 years, her childhood dream of making books has finally come true. Currently, she is working on a series of poem picture books exploring her thoughts on self-love and self-expression. Her first book, “Go Ahead, Be A Monster, But Don’t Forget To Smile” is now followed by “My Colors Inside.” Both books share her unique perspective of life as an artist on a journey of self-discovery. She writes tender, humorous poems for readers of all ages, which she renders in a colorful and amusing way. As an artist, Alex Mitchell delights in coming up with the perfect way to illustrate each of her poems. More books are in the works as Alex Mitchell continues exploring her imagination and creativity to share her life with us through her art.

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