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Myanmar artisans make, by hand, many of the products needed for daily life and for their temple worship in their villages and small towns. In this country, which is just emerging after years of repression, there is little or no mechanisation or electricity, so traditional handmade methods are still used. Skills are handed down from generation to generation.

In the coming years, as Myanmar inevitably develops into a more mechanised country, these traditional skills may gradually be lost. With that in mind, this book is dedicated to the artisans of Myanmar who currently live their lives hand making the things their fellow countrymen and women need and some of which the growing number of tourists may buy.

This book covers some of the products: mulberry bark paper, umbrellas, wood carvings, woven materials, embroidery, tapestries, puppets, lacquerware, gold and silver ware, art, sculpture and temple statues, pottery, ironware, bricks, hand hewn timber boats, bamboo and thatch houses, farm implements and carts.


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Jennie Thomas
JennieMT Canberra, ACT, Australia
My partner and fellow photographer, David Young, and I live in Canberra, Australia. We have been exploring the world for many years, often to places off the beaten track. We enjoy meeting people, learning about different cultures, experiencing new environments and capturing the essence of people and places through our photography and videography. On our travels, we also enjoy discovering our family history, filming gardens and seeking out wildflowers. David is a horticulturist and has been a radio broadcaster and television presenter. I've spent a lifetime in education and enjoy my voluntary mentoring role with university students and researchers.

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