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This collection of poems and short stories celebrates the one thing that makes love and life possible: Mother Nature.

The contents were written over the period between October 1972 and around 2000, many in the seventies and eighties. Mankind's folly was already apparent to many people in those days. Now the majority of people, at least outside the third world, are well aware of the dangers into which we are steering, yet no one is truly making headway with a solution.

Ironically some positive things have been done, such as the green car, but why? Is it easier to sell a green car these days, now that people are aware? And does one green car for every hundred old bangers in the rest of the world make a difference? Perhaps we have to resolve poverty before saving the world.

As long as capitalism governs us, with our governments too feeble to overrule the industries, the banks and the speculators they will never exert a strong enough motion to save our planet. And as long as the new rich nations show absolutely no interest in the environment then all will be lost.

Mother Nature will always survive, man will suffer. I just hope that mankind suddenly realises that the work must be done to save our world before it is for him too late.

I hope too, that the grandchildren of my grandchildren can still enjoy Nature as She is today. There are many positive things being done but largely from the bottom up. For a real solution it must come from the top down.

This book does not help solve the problem but I hope it shows how wonderful Nature is and how aggressive and vengeful She can be.


About the Author

Kevin Mahoney
whiterhino wandering around the marshes or hiking across Africa...

is coming soon!

Publish Date  February 03, 2014

Dimensions  Trade  138 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Poetry

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