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Stumbling upon an old slideshow filled with many staged "Kodak moments" turned quickly into a recollection of personal memories that ran parallel to the scenes portrayed. The universe in which I lived those memories however, was a stark contrast. Herein you will find a juxtaposition of these slides reproduced along with the memories that each of them invoked. It is neither about myself nor the found images, but the "third meaning" that arises when the two main ingredients are mixed together as discussed by Barthes.
An excerpt from the book:
"We were living in Anaheim at the time. I only remember my mom coming into the empty living room and kneeling down to hug me with tears in her eyes, and a great sobbing was underway. Things at home were as bad as ever; most of the furniture dad had sold for drugs or money for drugs, and my mom just found out that she was pregnant.
I had a little brother on the way."


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