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As human civilization continues to advance, and wilderness retreats, truly wild moments become harder to find. This book by photographer Mark Enarson explores places where raw nature still exists as it has since before history was recorded. The book takes the reader to Alaska where huge bears hunt isolated streams for salmon; to the dark forests of the Amazon where life expresses itself in staggering diversity; to the Serengeti where more than a million wildebeest run a gauntlet of predators in their annual migration; and to the southern tip of Africa where massive white sharks hunt young seals each winter. Exploration of these wild places provides a better understanding of what makes these animals and their environments so special and in need of our protection.


About the Author

Mark Enarson
menarson Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

My love of animals and education in zoology led me into wildlife photography. I travel the world photographing wildlife in exotic and wild locations. Although I love photographing the smallest of animals, I have a specific interest in large predators.

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Peter347 says

Amazing photographs, being in the right place at the right time and having the skills to capture the moment with light and clairity.
Thanks for sharing.
Peter Palm

posted at 04:03pm Sep 29 PST


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