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"Tanguero's photos remind me of an epigram from Oscar Wilde: "The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invisible." While his book title, Beneath The Skin, reflects the depth that sets his work apart from so many other photographers, I think it's not so much that he sees beneath surfaces as that he truly sees the surfaces and takes it upon himself to make us see them. For many photographers, the nude body is a sort of interchangeable typographical symbol to be recognized but not really seen. Demetrius has the gift of vision, and it's apparently a gift that grows the more he gives it away."

In this book: 25 unique models, 156 images, 24 of which are full page, and 5 of which are double page, all carefully processed to high quality standards. 12 model statements.

**Hardcover edition includes book jacket with additional images and artist statement.
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About the Author

Feliz Paloma González
tanguero here and there...
Photography of the naked body does not have to be pornographic. It can be artful, celebratory, and reverential.

 My process begins with the straightforward appreciation of the human body, first from a primal place, then adding layers of geometry and personality. I hope to go beneath the surface of skin. Not only glorifying the body, but also the complex dance of personality, particular time and place, mood, light. My models are not static objects, but collaborators. Spontaneity and improvisation are the way, an openness to possibilities.

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davidwhelan1 says

Fantastic work, have you considered entering some of your work into the Seattle Erotic Art Festival -

posted at 02:04am Jun 06 PST


twarner405 says

This is a super book. I just love the photography. Clearly the author is an accomplished photographer.


posted at 08:07am Jan 19 PST

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