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3164 Valmarie was the Galbraith Family residence for 33 1/3 years. Bought the year that oldest son Sean was born, it was the only home the family ever knew together.

On the last night that it remained in the ownership of the Galbraith's, before changing hands to a new owner, Sean paid the house one last visit to document it... abandoned, for just one night.

The photos in this book reflect the melancholy state in which it was found that evening, and hint and the stories the walls contained (and will contain in the future).


About the Author

Sean Galbraith
smgalbraith Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sean Galbraith is a photographer and urban planner in Toronto, Canada. With a background in urban design, Sean looks for patterns, lines, and forms that give structure to urban environments.
Urban decay and demolition by neglect is present in all urban settings. All buildings have a story, a history, a life, and a death. Industrial factories rust. Office buildings slowly crumble. Residential buildings are reclaimed by the elements. It is a rarity that these building evolutions witnessed by those outside their walls. Sean seeks to go where many have gone in the past, but few go today. To explore, embrace, and bring sight to these spaces and environments from which others avert their gaze.

To document that which once was kinetic, but now lies dormant and decaying; Even with man-made objects, death is a part of life and has its own beauty.

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