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************************* Rare ICE ~ ART ******************************* You are entering the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS with Passionate Ice Photography as your stimulus. Bring Happiness to yourself and others....share this incredible... Ice~Art Book .... Give it , as a stunning gift... Ice Crystals have powerful healing effects, just by viewing them in this book..
Read ~ online ~ the research by World renowned... Dr. EMOTO of Japan re - the effects of visual written words on water crystal formation...It is truly amazing what we are discovering today about water/ice crystals.. so, I am very honoured to have dedicated over 50 years in the study of HAPPINESS ...What I realize now, is that ...It is Simple ! BE Passionate and Have Fun !
So enjoy this ICE~ART book and take time to view every photo closely and notice.....HOW YOU FEEL...
I have done this hundreds of times...
It feels relaxing and it is PEACE !!!

~~~~~MEEGWETCH~~~~ Edward S~7 <<<<< for more wonderful stuff go to WEB


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zephoto8 CANADA ~ Mountains
I am very comfortable Being My SELF Know me by viewing my... photography & videos Thanks for being here, Have an ... ICE~Day Edward S~7

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