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~ In this compilation of excerpts and essays from Susannah Cord's upcoming book, Each Wind That Blows, multiple story lines interweave within a photographic extravaganza depicting the author's experiences on horseback in the Maasai Mara, Kenya. Stories of Nature, of loss, grief and forgiveness, and of a longing to reconnect with the mystery that lies at the very foundation of our lives combine to tell a tale of the profound effects of Nature on a receptive soul.

Proceeds benefit The Katika Nuru Project.


About the Author

Susannah Cord

Susannah Cord was raised in Denmark, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Susannah is a lifelong horsewoman, writer and aspiring wildlife photographer currently living in the USA. She was a longtime contributor to online global publication, Horses For LIFE Magazine, with her popular column, Riding By Torchlight. Susannah is also the author of illustrated children’s book, Fenella, A Fable of a Fairy Afraid to Fly ( )and the blog The Torchlight Chronicles ( where she writes about life, horses and everything in between.

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