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88 ~ a love letter to an island, by Maria Alva Roff Written over the course of 88 days in Reykjavik, Iceland, during one glorious and apocalyptic autumn season...


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Maria Alva Roff
mariaroff Reykjavik, Iceland

Publish Date  March 06, 2014

Dimensions  Pocket  132 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Literature & Fiction

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mariaroff says

"’s non-linear and almost reads like a poem in places. It means you could just read a few random pages without feeling that you’ve missed out by not reading it in order. It is full of emotion and I would imagine it was pretty cathartic to write. Maria is a natural writer and proven she can adapt her writing style, and be a creative writer as well as she can cover factual topics." ~ Eva, of I'd Rather Be in Iceland"

posted at 03:55pm Jul 24 PST


mariaroff says

Sent to me by Thomas Dahling: "I love how you piece together different fields from science, daily life and the slightly supernatural areas into a coherent, involving description of life in this city [Reykjavik]...."

posted at 02:02pm Jul 06 PST


mariaroff says

This is my book ~.~ It's a love letter to my favorite island home, written over the course of 88 days in Reykjavik, Iceland, during one glorious and apocalyptic autumn season.

I've known for years that I would write it in 2012, starting on my birthday, but I didn't really understand how much it would mean to me. I'd like to share with you all, and give you the chance to purchase your own copy via the Blurb Online Bookstore.

Since I was 17 I've known that I have the same birthday as F. Scott Fitzgerald, and that we're both born in the Year of the Monkey, he in 1896, me in 1968. I knew that he died far too young of alcoholism, at age 44, and so decided that I'd try starting up where he left off and begin to write with dedication at that same age.

A few years ago I discovered something that frankly boggled me: F. Scott passed away on December 21st, 1940, at 44 years and 88 days old. It just so happened that I would turn 44 years and 88 days old on December 21st, 2012, the famous end day of the Mayan calendar. So a decision was made. I'd start writing on our birthday. And because he drank himself to death, I'd even try living a bit of his lifestyle while writing. So I had a plan from the start. But what I didn't account for were all the things that happened during those days, and how they were to influence how the story unfolded: life, death, sex... and love.

Buy yourself a copy and take the journey I took, experiencing the autumn season of a white girl living on a volcano who knew she was supposed to die.

posted at 02:01pm Jul 06 PST


mariaroff says

"I'll just say that reading this slim volume is nothing like a genteel browsing through a personal memoir, it's more akin to diving into a psychological mælstrom. 'Alva' taps into some very deep primal forces in an internal monologue which takes place in the span of 88 days." ~ Professor Batty, Flippism is the Key (

posted at 04:53am Mar 16 PST


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