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Ever since I first came to Miami as a child in the mid seventies, I had wondered what the huge funky looking structure with JAI-ALAI written on its wall was. In there, the sport of Jai alai was living its heyday, packed with loud crowds cheering legendary players –Pelotari-, and pushing them to take the sport to a level of popularity that would never come back.
More than 30 years later, and refusing to be late for a party long over, I ventured inside the timeless structure and witnessed the core beauty of this fascinating-ancient Basque sport in Miami whose pulse is still strong.


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Rodolfo Benitez
rodobenitez Miami, FL, USA
I have been a professional photographer for 20 years. During this time, I have shot virtually everything. I started out with my mother's Pentax ME Super, then bought a Pentax K-1000 (which I ended up trading for my first web site design); and after finishing College, got a job at a newspaper and did the "photojournalist" thing for three years. I slowly started moving towards Advertising photography, and somehow turned into a successful commercial photographer in my native Venezuela. I enjoyed shooting people the most and was praised for my Portrait work. I shot Ads for Sony, Nike, Heinz, Kraft, Absolut, Polar, etc,etc... which won awards in the Cannes, New York Festivals, ANDAs...I guess you can say I was commercially successful at it, as I lived a nice, decent life and still got to do photography, which at the end of the day beats any other way of making a living. Then digital photography came about, and I found myself surrounded by "colleagues" of every age and walk of life. All of

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Published July 15, 2013
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