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From the BLOG, "Grits, Gravy & Graceland"

Why the South?
Well, I reckon it’s because I (Jeanette) have some Southern roots and sooner or later that gravy slathered, deep fried, BBQ’ed, Blue Plate Special with a side of cheesy Grits and collared Greens was going to beg for my attention!

Honestly, we WERE planning yet another Europe trip when… I got this crazy idea to take a US road trip instead - like a divine light from the heavens. There’s bound to be some interesting sights and good eatin’ in the States as well, right? Not to mention, we’re doing our part to give back to this lagging economy by taking our 2008 Bush tax bonus and spreading it all around the south!

I guess we’re not total strangers to our own home land but sometimes we feel like it, so we’re settin’ out to see for ourselves what it means to be American, or at least eat like one! I know Dennis is looking forward to the pulled Pork and bacon wrapped everythings and I have my heart set on the sweet tea, home made pies and mint juleps!

We also chose the South because it’s April, quite frankly a really nice time to visit, I do declare. If it had been August, we’d be headed up North. Maybe the next time?

For now, we feel them a callin’… Grits, Gravy and Graceland; Elvis, heart failure, happiness here we come!

I hope you all can join us, if even only from your chairs, on this exciting journey into the southland of our country.

We just love ya’ll,

Dennis and Jeanette


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