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Club Dark Emotions is a gritty action-packed mystery/suspense drama with a splash of class. Anyone familiar with the game of chess gets the chance to see chess-like moves played out in actual person. C.D.E.'s star player B.K. is fresh out of prison from doing a five-year bid and is back to doing what he does best; hustling. This time around instead of posting up on a hot ass street corner, or squatting in a trap house he is now a lot smarter, more mature, and has his eyes set on something more upscale; a club. He figured this would be a lot less risky than hustling in the hood, but in time he would find out that that idea was false. Along with a more upscale version of the game came a more upscale version of deceit and betrayal. Just as B.K. was beginning to think he had his chess game down-pact he was out-smarted by another player on the board, who happened to be a woman. The same woman he set out to use as his queen turned around and used him as a pawn. In the end, she not only beat him at his own game, but showed him that a queen could also acquire the status of a king.


About the Author

Jimmie Rich
JLRallstar Dayton, Ohio, United States

Publish Date  March 13, 2014

Dimensions  Trade  262 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Literature & Fiction

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