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Unorganized Territory: Moosehead Triangle is particular to a place in the North Maine Woods. Here, zoning is a dirty word. This work explores a place’s contradictions between stakeholders. The desires and promises to save, preserve and rekindle the working forest, traditional uses and open space do not align with the displacement of activities. Quality of life and the ability to make a living are at stake. My artist books, installations and photography seek to engage discussions.


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Mildred Kennedy-Stirling
MildredMshd Greenville, Maine, United States
Mildred Kennedy-Stirling lives in the Moosehead Lake region. Her practice explores the everyday stories of rural life and the contemporary struggles between social and market forces: jobs, quality of life, and the future of rural communities. Mildred is an independent artist, photographer and archivist. A walk is not just mechanical motion but also a space for critical thinking and creativity. I fancy myself a walker, venturing out into the world to look and share my way of seeing. The camera has always allowed me to collect my walking thoughts in images. My practice values things for narrating the geometry of my relationships. My photographs, as well as everyday items, souvenirs and interactions serve as frames that help me engage my life’s “open spaces” and areas of interest, including land use, domestic identity and social policy.

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