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Rikke Barfod is author of this fabulous children’s tale - Bachri: A Calf’s Tale. This is a tale about finding freedom as seen and experienced from the perspective of a small calf, Bachri, one of the holy cows of India. The lives created by human beings are entertainingly brought to life through the eyes and ears of the animals. Beautiful drawings illustrate the mood and atmosphere of the Northern Indian landscape throughout the book. Having used selected excerpts for story reading for 6 to 8 years and reading aloud in class by 11-13 year old pupils I would definitely recommend this book. Inger Mose, Waldorf teacher. Bachri is a very entertaining, sweet and charming protagonist full of curiosity and spirit of adventure. The anthropomorphism is very successfully carried out and Bachri functions – seen from the eyes of children – both as a calf with a calf’s thoughts and opinions and as a peer whose exciting adventures children can relate to. Simon Buchholtz, Editor. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bachri the Calf. The animal characters are beautifully depicted; warm and likeable. I was drawn into their plight. I think it will be adored by adults and children alike and will teach children how communities bond to deal with hardship, how to stand firm against tyranny and how important it is to follow one’s dreams no matter how arduous the journey. Janice Day, Author / Performer. A Calf’s Tale is a very touching story depicting a child coming to terms with the large, large world. The drama captures the essential spirit of the child, always wondering and discovering, and always fighting to keep its own independence in a world that is not logical but has to be dealt with. The child learns that the art of living is to understand but never to relinquish hope and dreams. Wonderfully done, this tale will appeal to children as well as adults. Ole Grünbaum, Danish author and newspaper editor.


About the Author

Rikke Barfod
tko2 Denmark

Rikke was born and lives in Denmark. She got to know India when walking around its roads. She fell in love with the country and the people way back at her first visit in 1966. Today she still goes for strolls in India when staying with her Indian friends. She spends the rest of her time taking film manuscript lessons in London, learning Hindi and, of course, continuing telling stories to her grandchildren as she did to her own children. “Bachri – a Calf’s tale” is her first published story, but the subject – how animals are treated - has always been on her mind. She respects all creatures and in India was taught not to eat animals.

Publish Date  March 26, 2014

Dimensions  Trade  126 pgs Color printing (on white uncoated paper)

Category  Children

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