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This book tells the story of my return to the art of photography after an absence of roughly forty five years. Having enjoyed photography in my mid to late teens, life changed and photography never entered my daily life again until I was given a digital 'point & shoot' camera. I had deserted the 'rat race' earlier than most so had the time and money to follow my dream of travelling both home and abroad, to witness and record a 'wish list' of spectacular (to me) wildlife.
Read the stories and pictures of my two encounters with wild Grizzly Bear and see the many different creatures from the Arctic Circle, Africa, Alaska, India, Kenya, and the South of France.


About the Author

Michael Hume
HUMIE Surrey, UK

Michael (Mike) was born in 1953 in London and has spent all of his working life in the retail trade. As a teenager he showed an interest in photography, saving pocket money to purchase his first SLR camera: a Leicaflex with telephoto lens ,from a sports photographer. Photography took a back seat until 2005 when he became semi-retired and was given a basic digital camera as a present.

Michael has specialised in wildlife photography and has travelled all over the UK in pursuit of his images. He has completed trips to Alaska, Montana and Yellowstone National Park in the USA

In May 2011, he visited the Bandhavgarh National Park in India and Churchill in Canada near the Arctic Circle in November of the same year.

His work has been published in British photography magazines and received commendations when in competition. The “Chase is On” appeared on the PhotoRadar site in the category World in Motion and was chosen as editor's choice, thereby coming in the Top 30.

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