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A publication that promises to be an eye-opener as it compares the trends in the declining ancient Roman Empire with the current trends in New Zealand society.
Find out where the nation of New Zealand has been and where western civilization is heading! This E-Book is relevant to all western civilizations in this new millennium. This book will inspire you to seek the preservation of your country!

Rome fell! But why? The reasons have been discussed for centuries, and yet the lessons seem unlearn't. Many of the same mistakes which weakened the mighty Roman Empire in the first centuries A.D. are being repeated in western civilizations today.

I have out-lined the factors that weakened the Empire and that threaten our beloved country today. What follows will possibly shock you and awaken you to what is really happening in our country. This is a warning for our day - a wake-up call to avoid the precipitation to ruin.

Please read on to discover that the policies which are emerging in our country are the same that ancient Rome adopted, and which weakened the Empire before it was overrun with Barbarian hordes.

The Romans arose out of a small colony, near the Tiber River, (Italy) a few hundred years before the birth of Jesus Christ, and for a millennium were the greatest Empire the world can boast of. The Romans were in no way backward - they could boast of massive public works, cosmopolitan cities, bureaucratic institutions, a melting pot culture and more. The Roman super power could brag of a highly developed system of law, government and military capability. But Rome crumbled! Why? Let us continue on to see the reasons...

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About the Author

Johan David Terpstra
xcelwell Levin, Horowhenua, New Zealand
Involved in the Internal Arts since 2005, Johan David Terpstra is a qualified Thai Massage Practitioner and is knowledgeable in foot reflex therapy and nutrition. He is also a certified instructor in Tai Chi and Easy Fitness programs. His talent and passion is research and compilation of material and his drive is being supported full time in the arts sector. Johan is open to any opportunity to use his skills in the arts arena and be supported full time. Join author Johan David Terpstra on face book and obtain copies of his published books on topics such as wellness, natural therapies, religion, philosophy and photography projects. See previews of his books on blurb/bookstore. Johan has a graduate degree in Theology and has completed advanced courses in English, History, Philosophy, Public Speaking, Teaching, Music Composition and Natural Therapies. He also has experience in Web Design, DVD and Book Publishing. As an author, Johan has many works to his name in EBook format.

Publish Date  April 24, 2014

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