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Have you ever wondered why we exist or how all this came to be? If so, here's an insight which transcends the limits of both science and religion and will likely bring your search to an end. It’s simple, logical, powerful and profound.
"The resolution of the mystery of existence," says the author, " is not a matter of gaining more information but of correcting the information we already have. The only reason we have so much difficulty understanding our situation in existence is that there are crucial errors in the way we now imagine reality to be.
"Once we correct these uninspected mistakes, the mystery clears up by itself and everything makes sense at last, without any more information at all. Even meditation won't bring us closer to ultimate truth if our thinking remains as it is. Without rediscovering this understanding we will never be satisfied."
If you take up this challenge, you will come to understand our real situation in the universe as never before. Suddenly, things that have remained vaguely in the realm of thought and ideas will come alive and make complete sense at last. You'll gain remarkable insight into the nature of reality. And, in the process you'll find yourself growing in freedom as you simply let go of negative feelings such as unhappiness, alienation, loneliness, ignorance, unending wanting and confusion.
And you'll realize you used to know all this. You simply forgot. At last, it’s time to remember.


About the Author

Keith Dalton
keithdalton Abbotsford, BC, Canada
"This is the book I would liked to have come across a long time ago," says the author, "having been a seeker for much of my life." From an early age Keith Dalton found his life consumed with the task of comprehending the mystery of existence. It seemed absurd to him that we, as reality, couldn't understand who we were and why we were here, as much of humanity appeared to have concluded long ago. Fortunately, the task turned out not to be as impossible as most of us imagine. In preparation for communicating an understanding he felt certain to find, he wrote and directed films for corporate and educational television.

Publish Date  April 24, 2014

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Category  Religion & Spirituality

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The Long Forgotten Understanding - Religion & Spirituality photo book
Published April 24, 2014
The Long Forgotten Understanding - Religion & Spirituality photo book
Published November 16, 2009

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