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This could be the most controversial book ever written on the subject of cancer. It will entertain you, make you cry, and question everything you've been told. Evita Ramparte, an independent European journalist, is sharing her story of how she cured ovarian cancer naturally, lost weight and became an icon of health, wellness and natural beauty.

A psychic told her something seriously wrong was going on inside her body. The doctors confirmed she had ovarian cancer. She didn't give a damn what stage it was. She refused surgery and jumped right into healing, and cleansing, and revamping everything in her life from the inside out. It worked.

The Bliss of Cancer is a book of questions. It will make you question everything you've been told. Ultimately, the author asks: What the hell is cancer? And what if cancer is a bliss? This stunning "Cancer Thriver" is sharing what she would do, if she was diagnosed today!

You are going to learn how marriage nearly killed her, and how emotions cause disease; how doctors nearly killed her, and why medicine is so lethal; how she cured herself, how fasting can be fun, why enemas are so cool, and why fruit is so good. You will learn how to forgive radically, and how to do a liver flush; how to live a healthy life, and how to reach for greatness!

Are you ready for change? Your life will never be the same!


About the Author

Evita Ramparte
VivaLaEvita Haiku, Maui, Hawaii, USA
Evita cured cancer naturally in 2000, and lost 83 lbs within four months. Her spectacular transformation into optimum health inspires people throughout the world. Since her recovery from cancer, Evita has been intoxicated with the love of life, and feels that her mission now is to intoxicate her readers with the same passion. Evita's powerful philosophy supports the idea that challenges - even as severe as a health crisis like cancer - can be a quantum leap into a state of bliss. Known as one of the stars of the movie Hungry for Change, Evita is a European writer, journalist, and celebrity coach, as well as an actress and model. Evita advocates for health and Earth-rights as a public speaker. She has been a guest on MTV Europe, Polish Public TV, Dutch TV, and and has been interviewed by Cosmopolitan magazine. She is currently producing her talk show - Viva La Evita!

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