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This book is the culmination of a journey started 12 years ago after stumbling across a spin art toy while cleaning out a closet (see explosion blotter images). The forthcoming collages are from a series I started 6 years ago, originally created to go with music mixes I made and gave to friends. The point of the series was to experience the feeling of love, by meshing together the images and songs; to pause, soften and make sense, if only for a moment, of these modern, crazy and often confusing times we live in. I focused on fusing my photos, with scans of my paintings, old Russian film posters, designs from Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Aztec, & Mayan cultures and generous doses of our own pop culture. Many Photoshop manipulated hours later, what you get is, hopefully, something to make you smile, laugh and think. Ultimately the goal of this book is to take a glimpse through the eyes of someone attempting to untangle and understand an ever changing and complex world. Like a DJ, this is about finding new meaning in old classics mixed with undiscovered favorites. The rest of the story remains to be told, but now, it’s all about to start…….


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Chris Diers
codo Chicago

Chris originally from Omaha, first began working in art over 12 years ago, had no prior training in art and is completely self taught.. He started out innocently enough with a children's spiral splatter paint kit. The problem however was the inks that came with it did not produce the same images as what was on the box cover. Not one to give up came at it with more industrial paints and out came images more like the box and on a trek he went. Over the years the repertoire has moved on to the more serious sides of photography, painting and collage. Now he produces collages that combine painting, photography and anything else he can get in the computer. His photo's have graced book covers for Northwestern University and Notre Dame and have been featured in The Chicago Reader, Chicago Public Radio, Gapers Block, Mun2 and numerous other publications.

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abuzid says

What an amazing photobook! Congratulations!

posted at 04:07am Apr 11 PST

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