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As an art photographer, I work on photography projects designed to create a communication about an issue, a space or a time. Generally, my projects span many years and involve several thousand photographs when they are completed.

This project was started organically. I was searching for an idea for my next photography project and having a terrible time coming up with any good ideas. I live near Lake Nokomis and found that I spend much of my time near and around the lake. To clear my photographer's block, I started taking my camera with me to to the lake as a meditation. I made a few images here and there, never thinking much about it. I was pleased with the images, but thought the world was already saturated with photographs of nature. I showed a few of them to others and found there was a large fan base--not only among the general public, but among other fine art photographers. I continued to shoot images of Lake Nokomis for five years at which point I made this book. It was hard to choose which images to include and exclude since I have amassed probably 50,000 images on this one subject alone, most of those images were made within about 1/3 of the lake shore and surrounding areas. I have another book in mind for the future to fill out the collection of images, but it may be a while in the making.

-Aaron Fahrmann

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