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This is the huge version of my "Big Galaxy Team" called apple phantom. There is no better way for me, Andres Maquinita, to name this beautiful book. Here You will find a bunch of awesome characters designed by Maquinita, and also find your inspiration looking the way I do. Just Let it be. You got to dream without limits.


About the Author

Andres Maquinita
Maquinita Colombia

Andres Ariza is an artist who operates under a split persona of sorts. Ariza, the so-called "normal" half of this artist persona, is "a quiety guy who is a fan of arts, videogames and films." "Maquinita," on the other hand, is the 'machine' behind Ariza's artist-half--dedicated and responsible with his projects, an obsessive doodler, a productive and passionate visionary. Ariza's work reveals some of his loves and interests through the spectacular visuals of Maquinita's mind. Ariza says that his quiet half is "always trying to escape from the normal world because he vainly believes that he belongs to something beyond normal," and he seems to have found that outlet through Maquinita's artwork. We sure have.

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