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“off route” it’s a choice, an adventure, a challenge, it’s a different mood of living out of the path that the society wants you to live on. It’s when you decide to abandon yourself to art, whatever it is and let it drive you out of the common route.

This adventure started with a message: “I am going to Montréal to make a little tour with a quebecois chansonnier. D’you wanna come?!?”

So I took a train to reach Andrea Gozzi, a good old friend of mine and an excellent Italian guitarist who lives in Florence. I didn’t know what to expect from Quebec, I only knew that it would be eleven hours trip by train far from New York and it would be cold.

The first night in Montréal was a training for the week I was going to face. It ended with a huge plate of poutine at 3am to drain the beers.
That night I met Frédéric Péloquin for the first time. I didn’t know it, but I was going to find an incredible chansonnier, a skilled accordion player and a talented painter in him.

I followed this duo throughout the five concerts they played in Quebec, sharing time with them and picturing the way they live their music and their passion.

This is also the beginning of a bigger project about the “off route” life of the emerging artists.


About the Author

Masiar Pasquali
freakme New York
Masiar Pasquali was born in Italy in 1983 to an Italian father and an Iranian mother. He started his career as professional photographer in the fields of music, theatre, movies, dance, and for several events. In the last year he has been developing an interest mostly in storytelling. His works have been exhibited in several personal and collective exhibitions in important art galleries and contemporary art festivals. Currently based in New York.

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