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This book depicts my travels through South India with my two close friends, Govardhan & Krishna Priya. The photos show a wide variety of what South India has to offer. In particular the states of Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu. All shots were taken from the dates March 9, 2006 to April 8, 2006 when I first experienced South India.


About the Author

Dustin Ellison
TravelEast Mulki, Karnataka, India

Dustin Ellison is a San Diego native who currently lives in South India. His passion for art, culture, and nature comes to life in his dedication to provide unique and explorative photography.

Dustin, now 29, has a degree in graphic design as well as many years experience with other mixed media art forms. In the last four years that Dustin has immersed himself in traveling and photography his creativity has grown and come to life as seen through the images he has captured.

Dustin’s love for surfing and his eagerness to travel the world have helped him to produce art that becomes a realistic journey into each place he visits. He attributes his success and passion for life to his family and friends who are always supportive of him.

India is a long way from sunny San Diego, but Dustin has bridged that gap with tasteful and colorful images that bring you one step closer to the other side of the world.

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