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Bimini is a tiny set of islets in the Bahamas just a short plane ride across a deep ocean channel from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, in the USA. Bimini is probably most famous as the angler's paradise that spawned immortal tales from writer Ernest Hemingway. But today the fishing has to share the spotlight with some spectacular marine encounters. Visitors can snorkel with Caribbean reef sharks, visit reefs layered in snapper schools and sea fans, explore shipwrecks old and new and play with friendly southern stingrays just like in Grand Cayman Island.
But best of all, they can snorkel with wild Atlantic spotted dolphins. This pod off of Bimini's shores has been called the most playful and curious group in the Atlantic and possibly worldwide. The encounters can be great fun and even Zen experiences for some. Bimini's normally clear waters make such encounters even better.
We joined Bimini native Captain Al Sweeting Jr. for exploration of all of Bimini's ocean attractions. We also looked around its quaint town and explored the stunning white sand beaches. The following pages show just some of our encounters.
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