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The advent of photography encouraged painters to explore new avenues of expression; the computer likewise has broadened photography’s horizons. The photographs in Pixel Perfect have been created by examining the digital structure of the camera’s capture.

Each of the works in Pixel Perfect is made from a single photograph. The representational appearance has been abandoned and the basic building blocks of the digital structure, the pixels, have been explored. Once identified, various filters are used to enhance the elements of color, line and form to give them a life of their own. The result is a new image that stands or falls on its own intrinsic aesthetic qualities.

The originals of the photographs in Pixel Perfect have been printed for gallery exhibitions as archival inkjet on canvas prints. They are displayed in related series that explore an idea or theme much like a series of traditional photographs and presented chronologically to show the evolution of their development.

104 pages
52 full color photographs


About the Author

Henry Bateman
pissedpoet Philippines

Henry Bateman is an Australian artist who relocated to the Philippines in 2005. He has been making art for over 3 decades primarily as a painter and a theatrical set & lighting designer. At the turn of the century whilst working on a commission he discovered digital photography. It has held him his thrall ever since.
Throughout his career, Bateman's work has had a strong abstract vocabulary. This passion informs his photography as he explores the abstract narrative inherent in the recording of the digital photograph.
Each of his compositions is a journey in which the image dictates what directions to take; Bateman's major contribution is knowing when a destination has been reached.

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