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We are pleased to announce the release of the third in our series of Big Idea marketing e-books “Double Take Marketing Techniques”.
“Double Take Marketing Techniques” is based on the notion that marketing needs to get people pay attention to what you have to say by presenting marketing collaterals that force your audience to take a second look at whatever you’re presenting. After all, if people don’t absorb your message, you’re never going to sell them anything.

We’ve gone through our idea files to find the ideas and techniques that make an audience take a second look. The book contains 15 essential concepts that will help you focus on developing the kind of marketing strategies that reach people on a human level. We’ve also included 20 Visual Engagement Techniques complete with photographic examples, and even a few videos to help illustrate the principles. These are implementable concepts and techniques that will make your targeted prospects sit-up and take notice. “Double Take” is 80 pages jammed packed with information that will make you a better marketing executive or business manager.

Together, “What’s The Big Idea?”, “Brand Universe”, and “Double Take” form a valuable addition to any entrepreneurs marketing arsenal. In “What’s The Big Idea?” you’ll learn why you need a ‘high concept’ and get to choose from twenty-eight examples on which you can base your marketing strategy.

In “Brand Universe” you’ll learn what a Brand Universe is, and which one makes sense for your company. Building a Brand Universe helps you make the right marketing decisions for your brand, and avoid the pitfalls of falling prey to media hype and fad marketing schemes.

And in “Double Take” you’ll learn how to stop your prospects from prematurely clicking away from your website or bypassing your advertisement. “Double Take” concentrates on concepts and techniques that get your targeted audience to take a second look.


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Brand Universe - Business photo book
Published October 24, 2013
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Published June 25, 2013
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