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Richard Danne has been awarded the prestigious 2014 AIGA Medal, the highest honor in design, and this is the newest edition of the book – with episodes that track his earliest years on an Oklahoma farm during The Great Depression – to his accomplishments as a design professional in New York City and beyond. And his family is along for the exhilarating ride. Here in 202 pages, with 350 illustrations, are 22 adventures in a rewarding trek from adversity to achievement.

Danne was elected President of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, and later was Founding President of AIGA/NY. Elected to Alliance Graphique Internationale in 1974, he also served as President of AGI/USA for many years.

Previously, AIGA honored him with an "Inspiration" Archive Collection on their website. He and his firm have received many national and international awards, including three “US Presidential Awards for Design Excellence.”

He was consultant to stellar clients such as: NASA, DuPont, Seagram, FIT, Pratt & Whitney, AT&T, South Street Seaport Museum, Harvard Business School.

About "Dust Bowl to Gotham", Ric Grefé, AIGA Executive Director comments:
"What a wonderful book. You seem to have captured the era so well. Congratulations on this memoir and thank you for documenting the AIGA experience. We are placing this in the archives here."


About the Author

dannedesign Napa, California USA

DanneDesign is a communications firm engaged in multiple
areas of design including print, brand identity, and web.
Our work is driven by concepts which are unique to
each client situation. As a result – our clients have
achieved greater success; we have enjoyed long-term
relationships; and our design has been honored in
prestigious exhibitions and publications.

Publish Date  May 18, 2014

Dimensions  Standard Portrait  202 pgs   Standard Paper

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dannedesign says

Following are reader’s comments and excerpts received over several months:

Steff Geissbuhler, Founder, geissbuhler:design
I highly recommend this book to every graphic designer and everyone else who is interested in reading about a great designer's journey and experiences. A lovely biography about a life moving forward and upward.

Ric Grefe, AIGA Executive Director
“What a wonderful book! You seem to have captured the era so well. Congratulations on this memoir and thank you for documenting the AIGA experience. We are placing this in the archives here.”

Caroline Hightower, Author, former AIGA Executive Director
The intelligence, warmth and wisdom, not to mention design savvy, that Dick Danne has brought to the world of graphic design he brings to this expansive memoire that reaches far beyond the world of the visual to a thoughtful consideration of an American life lived from Dust Bowl to Gotham. Along the way, he introduces us to the people, places and passions that have made it worth celebrating... It's a tale told with insight and humor. It's not about design, it’s about life.

John D. Solomon, retired Aviation Executive
This book is his story, a story about growing up the product of two outstanding families. His honesty, his character and his tenderness comes through so well in this book. Clearly, he is the best friend one could ever have. Read the book and discover him yourself!

Dorothea Hutton, Author
Richard Danne's Dust Bowl to Gotham is a deeply felt chronicle of an American journey. The portrait of his family and its survival through the Great Depression can be read as history as well as a heartening saga of family. It is the personal story of a boy's voyage towards manhood and his ultimate, stunning success in his chosen field of graphic design.

William Dunk, CEO & Publisher, The Global Province
Dick Danne has pulled together all the threads of his uncanny past. One cannot read his memoir without thinking how utterly far he has come. He came off a dust bowl farm of Depression Oklahoma, then turned into a graphic designer of considerable national repute in Dallas and New York. He could never have dreamed as an Okie that he would carry out commissions for NASA or for the emirs in the Middle East.

Jacqui Morgan, painter, illustrator
Congratulations on your beautiful book! It truly is worth owning on many different levels.

James Hefner, M.D.
It has been my pleasure to know Richard Danne for 58 years. His book, “Dust Bowl to Gotham” is not only an interesting read but tells a significant tale of the oft spoken “American Dream”. It can be read chapter by chapter or in any order; many or which will bear re-reading not only because of the story, but of the underlying messages. I thoroughly recommend the book for your library.

Christine Larkin, Ashford Radio Producer/Host
I had the honor of working for Richard Danne as his Office Manager in the late 70’s and early 80’s. I looked forward to every day and couldn't get to my job fast enough, it was the exciting world of design and innovation. Richard’s manner, professionalism and talent were admired by each member of his staff and it is no wonder he is the success he remains today. Congratulations on your book, and thank you for inspiring a young woman from the suburbs to dream big and believe in my own talent. You remain my biggest role-model.

Teresa Danne, NASA Audit Manager
Words can’t describe how much I loved this book, I honestly couldn’t put it down. The overarching theme that I took away was one of how aligning passion with talent and some risk-taking backed by gut instincts leads to huge success. Another observation is one of optimism. There had to be some downs amongst the ups and lots of worries at times, but you told the stories from the good side, choosing to dwell on the positives. I love that, because usually after all is said and done, things work out and there’s a lot to laugh about.

posted at 11:04am May 30 PST


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