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I met Yosuke almost 3 years ago, we become friends working together in a Coffe Shop in San Francisco, we clicked immediately, our friendship has grown so much over only one year, we were each other font of inspiration and travel buddies.
From the start I was completely taken over by Yosuke personality, his kindness, and his respect towards life, people and the culture around him.
With him I shared the American experience, the dreams and the hopes and everything in between, including the deportation back to our respective countries.
He had a family in American, a wife, a son, and they were forced to leave the country for bureaucratic reasons.
Yosuke has many different sides to his life, and personality; he is a solid human being, and with this book, I want to emphasize the impact that he had in my life, and also, to thank him, for all he taught me.
I hope one day he'll be able to come back in the U.S.A. as I did.
This book was born during a conversation with Yosuke, all the phrases I used are from him; we shot all of it at the Coffe Shop where we met, where our friendship solidified, where we shared ours dreams and fears.
I decided to use a 35mm camera in order to shoot these photographs, to give the viewer a more solid and realistic feeling, toward this journey to get to know Yosuke.


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