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Ed Harris began his successful career as an artist after retiring from the Presidency of Gulf and Western. He paints in acrylics only - both on canvas and gourds. This book contains photographs of many of his splendid works.


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Robert (Bob) Kelch
rpkelch1 South Haven, Michigan
As a youngster I was keenly interested in art and photography as well as science. However, my desire to become a physician led me to concentrate on science and limit the time I could spend on artistic endeavors. Science and medicine also demanded that I look at matters in an analytical, dispassionate manner. Retirement has had a wonderful liberating effect on me and my perspective of all sorts of beautiful things and people. My wife and I love to travel and I love to try to capture some of the wonderful emotions we experience as we visit places new to us. You will notice that my interests are eclectic ranging from a macro close up of the Heart of a Blue Orchid to the beautiful landscape of the Jemez Lake in Valles Grande, New Mexico. I use several Canon cameras and a variety of Canon and Sigma lenses. In the candid photo of me above, I am photographing grizzly bears in southwestern Alaska using a Canon EOS 6D camera with a Sigma 50-500 mm lens. I always shoot in RAW format

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