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Watchmen: Surveillance and The Flaneur
06/07/14 - 07/26/14
This exhibition catalog examines the relationship between the notion of the ‘Flâneur’ and the City ‘dérive’ under the pressure of being watched via CCTV cameras and monitoring. How does one engage with the disinterested observations of the wandering eye when self-consciousness about being both the observer and the observed interfere with the experience?

Information is never neutral. In today’s world we are all subject to complicity in our own suppression, whether through our engagement with Facebook, our Google searches or our reliance on Wikipedia for ‘facts’.

Watchmen proposes that we are required to exist in a state of hyper-vigilance and self-awareness of the bias in which our experiences are mediated and our interpretations measured via the mechanics of our own favorite online extensions of an identity forever being watched.

Exhibiting Artists:
Shagha Ariannia
Lindsay Bottos
Sergio Bromberg
Tyler Calkin
Sophie Calle
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Zavier Ellis
Darren Hostetter
Kiel Johnson
Susan Logoreci
Alexis Milne
MAP: Mobile Arts Platform
Mark Nelson
Dane Picard
Kari Reardon


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Torrance Art Museum
TorranceArt Torrance, CA
The Torrance Art Museum is located at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center in the City of Torrance. It is a program of the Cultural Services Division of the City of Torrance Community Services Department. The Cultural Services Division is responsible for City-sponsored arts and cultural initiatives held at the Torrance Cultural Arts Center and throughout the City. The Museum encourages all people to develop and increase their understanding and appreciation for modern and contemporary artwork via a variety of exhibitions offered in its two gallery spaces, as well as educational programs, artist talks, lectures, and symposia.

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