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Scott Barrow wants to know how things work. He loves all things mechanical and the tools that create them. He is an environmentalist in spirit and yet is drawn to centers of industry and transportation in his artistic pursuits. He is in awe of what man is able to imagine and then materialize and fascinated by the systems that make our twenty-first century lives possible. He is a master at finding beauty in the often harsh, industrial landscape. The images in this book are a testament to what man can create. They capture the art of the engineer, the industrialist and the mechanic. They celebrate the skill of the pilot, the teamster, the longshoreman, the pipe fitter and the steel worker. In this harsh landscape, light embraces industry and every man's work is a portrait of himself.


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Scott Barrow Photography
sbarrow Lenox, MA

Location photography for corporate, editorial and advertising assignments. Fine are prints available on web.

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