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Vol.2 Deluxe Edition is an enhanced and extended version of the original and created exclusively for you by Andy Mo$$ Publishing. Inside you will have the chance to read over 50 bonus poems, get a first look at the poems that have made it to the big screen as well as significant information on the upcoming film *The Mysterious Case Of An Invisible Spirit In Both Worlds* based on the poem and written by Andrew Jimenez himself, plus so much more!
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Every successful goal starts with a vision. This is a book about life through my eyes. Each emotion will be touched and felt with profoundness. Everybody on earth was sent here for a purpose and I believe my purpose is to connect and inspire people with my poetry. Now, I am not telling you to abide my writings fully, although I do want you to dig down deep into your soul and just listen to what it has to say.
I’ve attended a number of funerals, seen people disown their own child, had my heart break in pieces; witnessed dreams get shattered because of fear, misunderstanding and judgment. I’ve experienced more than the average person. I’ve been there, done that. The struggle is real, however not everything has been negative. What makes this book so special is I have also gotten the best of both worlds and what I mean is I have experienced the compassion, supporting, caring, loving, accepting and understanding side as well. And these are moments I won’t ever forget.

I’m here now to share my story and give society the wisdom, and confidence needed not to give up on their dreams.
Each time this book gets read it will help the reader in some sort of way because it’s poetry that’ll stay forever relevant. This is a life changing book that heals the heart, sparks the mind and revives the soul!

We never stop learning, we never stop growing. The journey finally comes to a close in Vol.3 so stay tuned, talk to you soon.

Faithfully yours,
-Andrew R. Jimenez


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Andrew Jimenez
Vol.2 DELUXE EDITION NOW AVAILABLE click here To read about the author please click the book preview at the top of the page. PART 1-Poems Based off my Book, Profound & Inspiring Documentaries I Directed/Acted in. CLICK HERE Poems Based off my Book, Profound & Inspiring Documentaries I Directed/Acted in. PART 2 TO PURCHASE VOL.1, VOL.2 & VOL.2 Deluxe Edition of *Loved By Day Misunderstood By Night- Click the AUTHORS BOOKSTORE AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE.* to learn more visit & to view the Memoir Interview on Andrew's upcoming film "The Mysterious Case of An Invisible Spirit in Both Worlds based off a poem in Vol.2 Deluxe Edition visit:

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