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The compelling motivation for any artist is to forge something altogether new from one's creative vision. Follow the journey of artist Philip Rebstock through 50 years of artistic growth; from his beginning in creative photography during the time of film processes that demanded mastery of light, precise measurement and control of various film and chemical processes, while seeking to refine his artistic vision further into abstraction.

This biographic journey explores many of the universal concerns of all artists – how to continually grow and invent new forms, the challenge of multiple art educational situations, the relevance of academic study, and the dilemma of balancing career, family and making a living. The impetus of artistic evolution is fostered by continuous curiosity and is honed by study in art history, traditional art media and active participation in the art discourse of one’s time.

This artist’s growth eventually results in a breakthrough into new multi-disciplinary media that combines photography, painting, printmaking, drawing and new materials combined in traditional and new technical processes. Philip Rebstock's artistic pursuit results in a new inter-disciplinary art form that the artist calls Synthesis Art.


About the Author

Philip Rebstock
reb7 Houston Texas
Philip Rebstock is currently working as a mixed media artist in the Houston, Texas area. His work combines elements of painting, photography and collage. The use of current technologies, both printing techniques and computers, are incorporated into a very personal vision. A vision which has its basis in that auspices beginning with a harmonograph in 1965. Philip"s background, in art, stated with the study of photography at a Texas University in the 70's. Latter , moving to Louisiana to continue his MFA studies. This led to a study of painting for the next 15 years. At the end of this time, a new vision was forming. Influenced thru changes experienced with new and upcoming technologies in computers and printing. The product of this vision is a synthesis in mixed media.

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