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About the Author

Joseph Dell'Anno
referraljoe Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Joseph Dell'Anno has been helping people make good buying decisions since he was 16 years old. That's when he started working in a two bay, full service, gas station. Asking for a raise, his "old grizzly" boss opened his eyes to the world of commission vs. salary. Joe the entrepreneur, was now inspired!

At age 20, he was approached by a client who told him that he was worth, 40 times his current income.

By age 23, Joseph was a talented top producer, representing a large insurance company. His, "sales manager" never really understood how he was able to attract so many clients, to see him at the office, while the rest of the other salespeople were whining, chasing, scrambling for business, and cold calling.

A huge factor to Joseph's success is his willingness to assist others.

He is the co-founder of several business building referral groups, including:,

To your future success!

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STOP Selling and Get Rich - Business pocket and trade book
Published July 20, 2014
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Published June 11, 2014

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