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For lovers of phylosophic poetry, puzzles, cryptograms, codes, for optimists, spies and seals, this book is a gem as it is a treat.
Keywords could be: "E Pluribus Unum", Love, mind, metaphysics, metaphors, perspections and much more.
The title refers to the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness". An inalienable right which among other places is mentioned in the Bill of Rights (USA) and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UN).
Martin Luther was one of many who thought about this in his Concerning Secular Authority, 1523.

The reader might find this bundle funny, weird, deep, hilarious, disturbing , opinionated and lunatic. The latter may be right, for brother moon (and the seas on it) are more than once mentioned in it. In the mid a rapping inkstone of socialist nature cannot shut up and fills pages almost black. Still the author advises every reader: read between the lines and look for what not has been mentioned or can be read in another way. When doing so, many dimensions will unfold that are disturbing for some who like to be in their cube. For those who are curious and open to change perspective from lineair to spherical, it could be enlighting.

For those who are deciding to enter another's perspectives : welcome , my friend


About the Author

Mo ben Yakov (pseudonym)
Changing an invective to a nickname. As a teenager the author was often referred 2 as "the nose". High sensitivity comes with about 20% of all humans. Another effect of the Pareto Principle, which is not allway that pleasant. Consider this: imagine you would sense with your eyes, nose, palate and ears about 3 times more than you do now. Your brain might be trained to filter excess , but on the other hand this can be very wearisome. Especially when by male genes you have a tendency for lineair thinking (one thing at a time) , contrary to the more female "spherical way of thinking". Now perhaps you get an idea of the amount of noise someone can get.

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