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I used to draw angels. I drew lots of angels. I got pretty good at drawing angels. Every once in a while I would try to draw Mickey Mouse, but my real specialty was angels. But my teacher didn’t appreciate my drawing angels while she was talking and made a big fuss about it. I guess she just didn’t like angels. But I thought it was quite an accomplishment for a fifth grader.

And then I realized if I became an artist for real, I could draw all the angels I wanted to. So starting with the sixth grade I took all the art classes I could get and that kept up through middle school, high school and college. As well as regular art schools and private lessons.

I went to Wayne State University and my professors told me I was pretty good. So I then transferred over to Chounard in Los Angeles and Art Center in Hollywood. Somewhere along the way I stopped drawing angels and became an illustrator, designer and an art director. During those years I won lots of awards. Local, regional national and international.

Also somewhere along the way I figured that if I became strictly a fine artist I could paint whatever I wanted and not what I was told to paint. That awakening was so traumatic it turned my hair gray. But I made the move and never looked back.

So now I’ve had artwork in magazines, museums, corporations, offices and homes, I have awards and rewards and, I now have a studio all my own where I paint anything I feel like and I sculpt anything I feel like and maybe some day I’ll feel like drawing angels again.


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