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In this book is a world that once claimed every greatness theirs and with that they also labeled themselves superior.
As their pride gave them a great reckoning.
The souls that still wonder proud seek greatness to bring what they lost, as idea, theories and even hope glances at them.
Will their once old reckoning ways subside and be given a paradise or can they not break away from themselves long enough to obtain the thought?
In this book contains a world no different from ours, but will we obtain such a misfortune?
The answer is while we are human and while we seek all, we will destroy all.
The other question is are willing to see the ties of that world with yours?


About the Author

Cecily Howell
CecilyH Morehead Ky USA

I all ways consider myself as a walking oxymoron life. I am a fan of the 1920’s and the theories of individualism and collectivism that a rose at the time yet I love the humor of Garfield and Felix the cat. I love allegories and stories that use symbolism yet I love children stories. My music starts from Glenn Miller from the swing era to industrial rock. I think of myself as an observer watching life and the world around me to see the paths we take and do not take. This is my greatest inspiration for painting and drawing. This also how I com up with my ideas and theories and what I want people to see and notice about ourselves or even about myself that I won’t say out loud. I want to be able to portray my thoughts and spread them as far as I am able too. I want people to see my understandings. I am not expecting any accepting or to understand them. I all ways like to be thought of as great thinker that either hated or like.

Publish Date  January 28, 2009

Dimensions  Pocket  44 pgs Black and White printing (on cream uncoated paper)

Category  Literature & Fiction

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