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A 120 page book of photographs taken in many different places from 2005 through 2008. A few were taken along the main Interstate Highways of the USA, but most were collected along back-country roads, in National Parks or even within walking distance of our home in Parker, Colorado. Some were brought back from trips to the Baja Peninsula of Mexico and a few were taken in East and South Africa.

There is no logical reason for the order of the photographs. They are placed at random with the thought that the reader may turn a page without expectation and therefore be completely un-prepared for what comes next.


About the Author

Joe & Jan McDaniel - BookCrafters
Maxfocus Parker, Colorado, USA
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Comments (18)


eacott says

I just happened on your book and your photography is lovely. I wish I had thought of that title for my book. Best of luck with this book.

posted at 05:56am Nov 18 PST


threethree01 says

i simply love your photography... if you like my work.. please vote for me int he competition.. ive just voted you pal

posted at 03:26pm Nov 09 PST



Thanks for a great trip to many places I might not actually get to -
Your work is fabulous - the pictures tell wonderful stories.
I loved the scenery & really enjoyed the CA Sea Lions and thought the Elk arch was way cool !
Myself - I am not a photographer - (though I would love to take pics like that) - usually am under Poetry.
I have a book entitled "How Maxine Came To Be" pretty much written by my Pug daughter & myself. Pls come meet her if you get a chance.
Wishing you all good things-
Be Well - Be Happy
: )

posted at 11:12am Nov 09 PST


janetgoldenb says

Love your wide angel shots and being born and raised in SD I love seeing the head shots of Mt. Rushmore.
Please check out my books in Pets: Feline Fractals Fantasy and But I Thought I was Mommy's Baby, in Travel: A Cat Abroad on the Streets of Heidelberg and Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse. Please tell me from your wide range of experience what you think about them. If you like them I would appreciate the votes.

posted at 10:52am Nov 09 PST


janicehelen7 says

I love your book. Beautiful pictures! You have my vote!

posted at 07:27am Nov 08 PST


isabelle001 says

Gorgeous pictures and great design! I voted for you, if you have a minute, check out my book Woman and vote for it if you like it.

posted at 04:30pm Nov 07 PST


huntsman-m says

You've captured some beautiful images! Congrats and best of luck!


posted at 12:22pm Nov 04 PST

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