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Rock Newman An original Prince Georgian takes his talents along with his childhood experiences from Brandywine Maryland, to major boxing promotions in Las Vegas, to now organizing the largest music festival in Bermuda. Just 2hrs off our shores! He remembers every elementary teacher he has had. He even talks about having to help Dad sell Moon Shine in order to make ends meet. IN PG County! You will love this story. Enjoy.


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The Eric Mitchell Publishing Group, LLC
emitch333 ISSN 1934-6964 (print) 1940-5693 (online)
Mr Mitchell is a personal product of Prince George's County. Having seen the many changes in his home town he noticed the lack of print and media that exposed the great and wonderful stories rooted in Prince George's County. During a perfect time of growth, empowerment, and success; we are changing what you 'think' you know about Prince George's County and are certainly changing what you are told. A premium social magazine. Recently voted the most sought after magazine representing the good life of Prince George's County. Enjoy.

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