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(Edit: We activated the softcover option to make the book a little more affordable. We wish the book could cost a little less, but for 200 pages that's the least it can cost, and we don't even see a dime. If you buy a softcover copy, I can send you all the wonderful info that is included on the dust jacket of the hardcover edition so that you aren't missing out.)

Mary Newton lived in Japan from July 2006 to July 2007, teaching English at the agricultural high school Jonan H. S. in Omura-shi, Nagasaki-ken. Mary revisits her time in Japan through a compilation of blog entries first written at

Mary studies graduate business and law at the University of Houston and holds a degree in Japanese from the University of Texas. She is engaged to marry Tim Wingfield in summer 2009. Her parents are Chuck and Jane, and her siblings are Chip, PJ, and Mark. Mary is the oldest of the four Newton children.

Tim Wingfield assisted Mary with the editing of this book. In addition, he visited her in winter 2006 and wrote as a guest for Mary's blog, which can be seen in this publication.

* * *

This book is dedicated to Tim, the love of my life, for the countless hours he dedicated to make this project happen.

This book is also dedicated to Meghan O'Connell, Zara Acosta, and Ana Makins-Sagan. They made my time in Japan amazing and I will cherish our memories forever.

Also, to my family, for supporting and encouraging me to reach for and live my dreams.


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