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For women, social approval of tattooing practices is based upon the understanding that she will keep her ink small, discrete, and cute--anything more, and she has definitely crossed the line of acceptable inking practices. For others that cross the line, tattooing represents a resistance to social norms of constructed female beauty--their tattoos are large, public, and potentially offensive. This project is for those women that cross the line, become heavily tattooed, and interpret this as an integral part of their identity. Additionally, female tattoo artists face challenges and advantages as they work inside a male dominated profession. Women and Tattoos presents the heavily tattooed women and female tattoo artists through interviews, shop visits, conventions, and personal narratives.


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Snakegirl Productions
snakegirl Latham, NY

Snakegirl Productions makes documentary videos about subcultural and activist issues.

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vaunderbroad says

I really loved the book, got two copies, one for home, one for the shop. Very inspirational made me want to travel and meet all the heavily tattooed gals within it's covers.

posted at 10:18am Aug 21 PST


bayphoto says

Thank you for the beautiful art work. The tattoos book is represented the message of women who are proud of their bodies' art. Can't wait for the movie.

posted at 12:08pm Aug 20 PST


bcrescenzo says

Loved the book! Loved the topic! Loved the photos! Loved the tattoos! Loved the Women! Love the Author and Artists! Can't wait for the Film!

posted at 03:59pm Aug 19 PST


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