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Pamela Kelly Phillips has a global perspective on life; a peristent embrace and view of the world community as reflected by its people, places and things. Expanding her vision through the viewpoint of a camera -- first, while living in Japan, then through European and Asian travel for the sake of the Art of Photography.

Time spent in the Republic of Tanzania allowed her to take her photographic eye and technique to a new and entirely different level. A distant journey, distinctly different from that of prior ventures, the adventure not only provided an opportunity to take once in a lifetime shots of the animals but also allowed her to form a lasting cultural bond with the people who are the country's most valuable asset.

"Leaving Footprints" transports each participant -- in visuals and words, along the Northern Safari circuit from Arusha to Ngorongoro Crater, across the Serengeti Plain, Lake Manyara and onward to Tarangire. Tanzania, a tremendous and ancient beauty, tucked neatly within its massive East African terrain, as viewed through the eyes of a determined people who form the backbone, as well as the strength and future of the nation.

Enjoy your time spent here, on virtual safari. If you get anything out of the journey, make it a determination to escape your own bounds - real or imagined, to craft your own adventure real-time. Believe and the memories will last forever.

Also available: "TZ : A photographic study of Tanzania." Currently available in softbound copy.


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