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These islands, the Bonin Islands in the northwest Pacific Ocean, have become famous as a refuge for marine and bird wildlife. They are part of the country of Japan and oddly, within Tokyo prefecture, even though the city is hundreds of miles west.
People come to see and interact with humpback whales, spinner dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, sperm whales, dogtooth tuna, ragged tooth nurse sharks, sea turtles and occasionally spotted dolphins, short-finned pilot whales, whale sharks and other pelagics.
They are better known around Japan as the Ogasawara Islands. The people are outgoing and friendly and the island is wild and green. The seas here are rich and clear. It one of Nature's treasure chest's.
We'll use Yoko as our guide and follow her to see the beauty of the island above and below the sea in this photographic visual tour of this special place. Its one of the most magical places I have ever visited.

Enjoy the trip!
- Tim Rock


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WadeHughes says

Nice book Tim. A place I've had on my radar for a while, with particular interest in sperm whales. Did you see any on your trip? Would also be interested in advice re travel to Ogasawara and quality of the wife is highly selective so, if i would want her to accompany me, I'd need some compelling evidence that it was comfortable!! : ))
Book my wife and I produced from a number of yearly visits to Azores is also on Blurb (free as an ebook) "a curious secret: sperm whales of the Azores"
Wade Hughes

posted at 11:41pm Oct 19 PST

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