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Southern India where humanity surges on the streets of the city of Hyderabad as the crispness of a November morning creeps like a cat along the roads. A whole myriad of Indian life passes by. Women lay here and there on the pavement sound asleep, and a man is stretched out on the median strip, oblivious to the danger. The noise of the city produces a frenzied work of booming blasts, disconnected honks, shrill beeps, musical notes and weird duck calls. It seems as if Hyderabad drives blind and everyone is driving by sound only -- except, it seems, many are deaf.

I would like to offer my book of photographs, entitled “Intimate India,” with accompanying text. I have a very close connection with many middle-class Indian families, and am fascinated with the Indian culture. My book illustrates through a collection of digital images a view of middle-class life in India which most people in the United States do not have the opportunity to see.

I like to think of each of my photographs as something more than a snapshot. My pictures are un-stylized and un-posed, which evoke fascination, and a unique view. All of my work is candid or taken on the go, and I try to create compelling, unforgettable, moving images that reveal the universality of human emotion. I look for beauty, also, but in essence, that is really a huge thing and far too large to fit into any one book. So I look for beauty through the people I photograph – young, old, man, woman, or child. It takes hundreds of shots to capture even a part of it, but that beauty is there in my photographs to be appreciated.

As you turn the pages of “Intimate India,” you will accompany me as I make friends with the Indian people; you will hear my stories of adventure and artistry, and, best of all, you will see through my observant eye, the grandeur of the simplest of people and things. I feel that my book is going to be one that will elicit many viewings because a person will probably have a different impression each time he or she views my images.

I have photographed in Germany, England, Hungary, Portugal, and Iran, as well as throughout the United States. I was also an artist for Hallmark greeting cards for 18 years. My photographs have been in numerous publications and newspapers and I have won several photographic prizes. I had a photograph in the Day in the Life series “Texas 24/7” edited by Rick Smolan (DK Publishing ISBN 0-7566-0084-7). My articles and essays have been in many newspapers and magazines. And my non-fiction book, Once Upon a Bavarian Winter (Publish America - ISBN: 1591296412) has received excellent reviews and has sold well.

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Ronald Harmon
ronlharmon Missouri
For 18 years I worked as an artist at Hallmark cards, which allowed me to learn how to see and look for that unusual perspective. That job taught me to see details that helped to make something different. Certainly, when taking photos I applied what I was learning to my photographic work, too. I have taught photography classes for a local junior college which helped me to share my talent in teaching others the art of photography. Besides traveling in my own country my journeys have taken me all over Western and Eastern Europe, Iran, Lebanon, and I have made friends in every country I visited. One winter I wrote “Once Upon a Bavarian Winter” (Publish America - ISBN: 1591296412) a book about a stay with a Bavarian wood carver and his family. While living with the German family in the deep snows of an alpine winter, I found that I loved the company of foreign people. I realized - like traveling - I was learning so much by being with these people.

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