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Growing up as a Barry Goldwater Young Republican didn't keep this 20-year old college student from calling, writing, and simply bugging everyone in Lyndon Johnson's life to death to get an invitation to the dedication of the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library Dedication. Armed with a Kodak instamatic and Polaroid 1-minute camera Ron Wade records his memories with pictures of the historic dedication of the LBJ Library Dedication in Austin, Texas. This was at the time of the Vietnam War and Richard Nixon was President. Wade paints a portrait of anti-Vietnam War drumbeats in the distance as the most important movers and shakers in the United States gathered to honor one giant Texan, Lyndon B. Johnson.


About the Author

Ronald E. Wade
ronwadegop Longview, Texas USA
Ronald E. Wade was born in Gilmer, Upshur County, Texas, the son of Ellis W.Wade and Rosedyne Langford Wade. As a child Ron would sit at the feet of his grandparents and great-grandparents and listen to family history. At age 17 Ron wrote his first book, A Pioneer Southern Family Life published by the Texian Press of Waco, Texas recording all of the family lore he had meticulously recorded. He published a second book The Langford Legacy in 1983 also by the Texian Press. As the "family historian" members of the family gave Ron fascinating family correspondence, photographs, records and artifacts which he carefully preserved and donated in 2005 to the East Texas Research Center at Stephen F. Austin University. A lifetime in politics led to friendships with many U.S. Presidents including close relationships with both Presidents Bush. His wife Laura and their 2 children live in Longview, Texas where he has built an exact replica of the White House Oval Office at his home.

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