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Through photographs and imagination, classic cars and trucks come alive to tell all about their past and current lives in "Restorations: Travels Through the Time Tunnel." Along with the photos, fantasy and whimsy combine to paint an amusing picture of life in a boneyard. While all the vehicles have hopes of making it to the restoration garage someday, each, in their own way, becomes a little restored by simply sharing their stories with the author/photographer. Shot in and around Bozeman, Montana, the photographs of these beautiful automotive creations bring back memories of what once was and present glimpses of what could be. One thing for certain that can be said about this work is:

Old cars & trucks never die-
they just invent new stories


About the Author

James Weiel
Weije Raleigh, North Carolina

A native Montanan, Jim Weiel holds degrees from Montana State University and Duke University. Following postdoctoral training at the University of Washington, Jim entered the pharmaceutical industry where, for sixteen years, he served in a variety of roles for a major pharmaceutical company attempting to discover the next generation of medicines to treat various human afflictions. In his career, Jim has worked in the areas of cancer, HIV, and diabetes/obesity and has published numerous original research articles in all these disciplines. In addition to being a scientist, Jim is an award-winning photographer and "Restorations" marks the transition between his scientific and artistic careers. Always a Westerner at heart, Jim resides in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife, son and two cats.

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bentbob says

Ordered Jim's book as a Christmas present to myself. What a present! The superb images contained in Restorations meld together with the narrative in a wonderful fun way that will make this book timeless. You will love the whimsical nature of Jim's writing as he personifies the vehicles in the book.
My report card grade..... "A"
Go buy it. You won't be disappointed.

posted at 07:56am Jan 14 PST


Groovyal1 says

MAN, Truly LOVE this book man !!!!!!!!!! as soon as i can i will get one !! how you get the different views next to each other, as it truly tells the story, even without the words !!!..............i will spread the word and wish you good luck on this endeavor. Your Friend and Mine, Groovyal

posted at 09:54am Sep 07 PST


Groovyal1 says

AAAH, Outstanding !!!..very nice site. going to check out the book now.

posted at 09:46am Sep 07 PST


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